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Material Guide: Understanding Fabrics and Care InstructionsUpdated 9 months ago

The materials that make up your clothing and accessories play a crucial role in their look, feel, and longevity. This guide will introduce you to common fabrics, their unique properties, and how best to care for them, ensuring your purchases from Hardcore Italians remain impeccable for years to come.


A natural fiber known for its breathability and softness.

  • Qualities: Soft, breathable, durable, easy to care for.
  • Common Uses: T-shirts, jeans, dresses.
  • Care: Machine wash in cold or warm water. Tumble dry low or air dry.


A synthetic fiber prized for its strength and durability.

  • Qualities: Wrinkle-resistant, holds its shape, dries quickly.
  • Common Uses: Sportswear, jackets, shirts.
  • Care: Machine wash with like colors. Avoid high temperatures when drying.


A natural fiber known for its warmth and elasticity.

  • Qualities: Warm, elastic, water-resistant.
  • Common Uses: Sweaters, suits, winter accessories.
  • Care: Hand wash or use a wool cycle on your machine. Lay flat to dry.


A luxurious natural fiber that's smooth and lustrous.

  • Qualities: Soft, shiny, delicate.
  • Common Uses: Blouses, dresses, ties.
  • Care: Hand wash or dry clean. Avoid direct sunlight when drying.


Made from the flax plant, linen is a sturdy, breathable fabric perfect for warm climates.

  • Qualities: Highly breathable, durable, natural luster.
  • Common Uses: Summer clothing, tablecloths, bed linens.
  • Care: Hand or machine wash cold. Air dry or tumble dry low. Can wrinkle easily.


A sturdy cotton fabric known for its durability.

  • Qualities: Durable, versatile, molds to body over time.
  • Common Uses: Jeans, jackets, skirts.
  • Care: Machine wash cold, inside out. Air dry to retain fit and color.


A semi-synthetic fabric known for its silk-like feel.

  • Qualities: Soft, breathable, drapes well.
  • Common Uses: Dresses, tops, linings.
  • Care: Hand wash or machine wash cold on delicate. Lay flat to dry.


A natural material known for its durability and classic appeal.

  • Qualities: Durable, flexible, can be waterproof.
  • Common Uses: Jackets, bags, shoes.
  • Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Condition periodically. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The materials in your clothes and accessories influence not just their appearance and feel but also how they should be cared for. By understanding the basics of fabrics and their care instructions, you can make more informed decisions when shopping and maintain the pristine condition of your items for longer.

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