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Rock your favorite styles and looks on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

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Join our family of Brand Ambassadors to unlock unique opportunities. Such as earning commission on products, being featured on social media, free gifts, and more!. Apply to the Ambassador Program Here

What is a Brand Ambassador?

The Hardcore Italian Brand Ambassador program is our tribe of culture-obsessed creators who inspire us all to keep being proud of our roots!. We are looking for vocal members to wear Hardcore Italians merchandise while making content on TikTok, Insta

What do I get if I get accepted?

Here is what you will unlock:

What do ambassadors have to do to participate?

Creators accepted to the Ambassador Program will authentically promote Hardcore Italians on a monthly basis to their social community.

Will my followers receive a discount code?

Yes, this will be available in the portal.

Apply to the program

#wearitproud. Apply to the Ambassador Program Here